My Day at PAX

Alright, so Daniel and I got tickets to PAX Prime a few months ago. They were already sold out of three day passes and we did what we could. So we got tickets for Friday (yesterday). We arrived in Seattle Thursday evening and just planned out our trip and enjoyed a small little vacation. It was also difficult because we were wanting to get to bed early so we could wake up and get to PAX as soon as we can. But of course we ended up socializing with my friend online till past midnight. It was worth though. More


Holy Delays Batman! I’m behind!

Yeah, so apparently I have neglected to update this since early May…. It is now late August. I haven’t put off posting because nothing interesting has happened, I have actually been very busy. For a while I didn’t have the free time to update. And then when I did I completely forgot. I’ll give a quick over view by month as a quick way to catch up.


The only thing I really remmeber about May is the Tae Kwon Do friendship tournament. Overall, I didn’t do too well. I was in two events, Board Breaking and Forms. My board breaks were terrible, I had so much trouble breaking them. I watched the video of my performance and talked to people about it. I know what I did wrong all of them. Next time will be better. My form was fine, the people I was competing against were just better that day and that is a loss I’ll gladly take.

Nothing else that interesting happened in the month of May. Still in school, preparing for finals… I’ll leave it be and get on to the more interesting months. More


So Pottermore finally has been released to the public. I signed up last night. It’s not quite what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be an online environment of Hogwarts where me and everyone else online would cast spells and brew potions. Instead most of it was much closer to us going thru the Harry Potter books once again.

And there is no reason that it should have taken so long to be released. Exploring each scene is incredibly basic stuff. You can zoom in and out (which just sets different things in focus) and then collect stuff for your trunk of take a closer look at things.  The closer look is very nice, it is JK Rowling sort of talking about what she was thinking when she was writing. Like she explained why the Dursleys lived on Privet drive in Little Whinging or the Original 40. I didn’t really read many of those, I’ll go back and read all them later. More