My Day at PAX

Alright, so Daniel and I got tickets to PAX Prime a few months ago. They were already sold out of three day passes and we did what we could. So we got tickets for Friday (yesterday). We arrived in Seattle Thursday evening and just planned out our trip and enjoyed a small little vacation. It was also difficult because we were wanting to get to bed early so we could wake up and get to PAX as soon as we can. But of course we ended up socializing with my friend online till past midnight. It was worth though. More


Operation Frosty

Today started out being nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until evening fell when things commenced.

I was invited with a bunch of people to go see The Avengers. I, having nothing better to do all day, went. Totally worth it, and not just because it was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. We all met up at the theater and got our tickets. This particular theater apparently will not let you enter the actual auditorium until 10 minutes prior to the start time on the ticket. I just think that’s silly. Anyway, we got in our seats and we were very entertained how our group filled exactly one row. We can be easily amused when it comes to these things. More