So Pottermore finally has been released to the public. I signed up last night. It’s not quite what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be an online environment of Hogwarts where me and everyone else online would cast spells and brew potions. Instead most of it was much closer to us going thru the Harry Potter books once again.

And there is no reason that it should have taken so long to be released. Exploring each scene is incredibly basic stuff. You can zoom in and out (which just sets different things in focus) and then collect stuff for your trunk of take a closer look at things.  The closer look is very nice, it is JK Rowling sort of talking about what she was thinking when she was writing. Like she explained why the Dursleys lived on Privet drive in Little Whinging or the Original 40. I didn’t really read many of those, I’ll go back and read all them later. More