The Scourge of the Cavern

Alright, here is the story that I decided to spend today writing. I wanted to write all day, I ended up only working on it for about an hour. And I had three ideas of where to go with it and couldn’t really choose one. Eventually I got to the point where I couldn’t choose any of them. I may start writing this story again. I have ideas in my head and soon I shall let them escape in written form. More


Three Wishes

John stretched. He had a tendency to sleep in on the weekends when he didn’t work. He did not like that. Sleeping the day away will only lead to a wasted day. “Early to rise makes men healthy and wise” was a saying that John much preferred over “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” John stood up and put on his robe and slippers.

Once warm and surrounded by softness, he went down the hall and into the kitchen for his breakfast. Pouring cereal and milk into a bowl allowed for his mind to wander. It never wandered that far, always back to his job. John always thought about how he could do his job better.

There was a knock on the door. John’s brow furrowed in confusion. After returning the milk carton to the fridge he went to answer. A delivery man stood outside holding a package. John signed for it and closed the door placing the package on the coffee table. Looking around he couldn’t find his pocket knife. Probably in the other room, but his keys were right here. He used one to tear the tape and open the box. More