A Community of Artists

I remember being surrounded by a community of artists,

And we all pushed each other to excellence.

Our motto, “We are Exceptional,”

Has been nearly forgotten

Since we have gone our separate ways.

Over the years we have grown, matured, changed.


Yesterday, I visited my home away from home.

And I was back with my community,

The place I once called home.

It was different.

To be with those people again,

Many of whom for the first time in years.

When I looked into their eyes,

I see everything that we have done together.

But their faces tell a different story.

The story of everything that has happened since then.

So many of them have continued their art.

I envy them for that.


My old mentors dare not age

For it is their duty to grow in wisdom

But never in years.


We are not the same people we once were,

For we have changed, matured, grown.

I almost would say that we have grown into people without that community,

But that is not true.

I have called that place my home for five years.

Just because I am not there any longer,

Does not mean it did not create who I am today.

I carry that community with me every day without knowing it.

And now I feel that I can join a new community of artists here.

So now when I return again to my home away from home,

I can proudly carry my art and

I can introduce my communities to each other.



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