My Day at PAX

Alright, so Daniel and I got tickets to PAX Prime a few months ago. They were already sold out of three day passes and we did what we could. So we got tickets for Friday (yesterday). We arrived in Seattle Thursday evening and just planned out our trip and enjoyed a small little vacation. It was also difficult because we were wanting to get to bed early so we could wake up and get to PAX as soon as we can. But of course we ended up socializing with my friend online till past midnight. It was worth though.

And then the Day of PAX. We awoke at 8 or so, got ready and hit the road. Got lost. Arrived at the convention center as exactly 10 o’clock. We entered and so “the mob.” We were not too sure where to go. But when in doubt, follow the mob. Honestly the earlier parts of the day I can’t remember too well. We ran around, looking at all the booths, grabbing as much SWAG as we can get our hands on. We swung by the Loading Ready Run (LRR) booth. We both bought T Shirts and we stopped and talked a bit. More on them later.

More swag. We wanted to get all the swag. We did a fairly good job, but so many things that we kinda wanted were early day only, and you had to be in a line for a long time. We missed it, not really worth it anyway. Not with our one day passes. I’m not going to talk too much about swag, partly because we ended up getting a bit more than expected.

We swung by the Wizards of the Coast booth. That’s where we got to try the new “Duels of the Planeswalker” game, the one that hasn’t been released yet. I was rather upset because I was doing well in my demo game, but the program got in the way and I messed up. I lost the next turn. But I came back later at 4 o’clock. The LRR crew was having a challenge, where you played a game of magic against them (in the same program). If you won, you got a cool T Shirt. If you lost, you got a booster. Daniel and I both entered. We ended up next to each other. I was against Graham, and he was against James. I wasn’t paying attention to Daniel at all, but Graham and I joked a bit. It was tons of fun. I won too. Have the shirt to prove it. Plus getting to meet them, shake Graham’s hand and give James a fist bump? Pretty awesome time.

We swung by League of Legends afterwards. We were there earlier, but only briefly as they didn’t really have a booth. They were basically just hosting the regionals there. We bought Teemo hats. And afterwards we got the PAX skins which was nice. And we got to meet Nikasaur! And for that one we got pics. She’s a lot of fun, and she loved my shirt (a Cards Against Humanity shirt I got for free).

After that, we weren’t sure what we were going to do. We had plans for a few panels, but that wasn’t until late. So we decided to play a bit more Magic as there was some Mini-Master’s tournaments going on (which we have never heard of). But our way there was cut off (as the Expos were closing) and got a little lost. That’s when we ran into a couple of people (Allison and Cameron). We ran into them at 5 or so, and we stayed as one group till about midnight. The four of us played lots of Magic, went to dinner, just had fun. They had three day passes as we didn’t though. But we still made plans to meet up for next PAX. So that’s just that much more garantee for awesome.

As mentioned earlier, I was wearing a shirt I got for free that was Cards Against Humanity. For those who don’t know the game, there are black cards and white cards. The Black cards have questions, and the white cards have answers. They were doing a Life Sized version of that. I had a black shirt that said “What is Batman’s Guilty Pleasure?” As we were getting ready to leave, we ran into a guy with a white shirt that says “Heartwarming Orphans.” It was pretty awesome, we got a picture of that. Gonna post that to twitter too so I have a chance at winning tickets to a future PAX.

I don’t feel like I represented our day of PAX that well in this post. Just know that I had tons of fun, I am upset that we have to be heading home now, and I that I can’t wait until next year!


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