Holy Delays Batman! I’m behind!

Yeah, so apparently I have neglected to update this since early May…. It is now late August. I haven’t put off posting because nothing interesting has happened, I have actually been very busy. For a while I didn’t have the free time to update. And then when I did I completely forgot. I’ll give a quick over view by month as a quick way to catch up.


The only thing I really remmeber about May is the Tae Kwon Do friendship tournament. Overall, I didn’t do too well. I was in two events, Board Breaking and Forms. My board breaks were terrible, I had so much trouble breaking them. I watched the video of my performance and talked to people about it. I know what I did wrong all of them. Next time will be better. My form was fine, the people I was competing against were just better that day and that is a loss I’ll gladly take.

Nothing else that interesting happened in the month of May. Still in school, preparing for finals… I’ll leave it be and get on to the more interesting months.


I started off June by turning 22. A week prior (which technically was part of May, but I’m putting it here) I celebrated in Corvallis with friends (primarily those from Tae Kwon Do). The day before my birthday I celebrated it with my Beaverton friends. Then there was the day of my birthday which I forgot about. My birthday was the same day as my cousins wedding, which is why I decided to celebrate it prior. So by the time I got to the wedding, I completely forgot it was my birthday until all my family members starting wishing me a happy birthday. Which wasn’t too bad I guess. It was confusing when the bride and groom called me forward and made the entire audience sing happy birthday to me. If you don’t know what to do when people are singing happy birthday to you, try having someone elses entire wedding sing it to you. It was kinda funny.

Later in June I finished finals. I did pretty well in most and failed on class. It was surprisingly hard and I just couldn’t keep up with everything. That term was kind of bizarre. It’s over now. I’ll try to make up the credit some other way.

After that I took my black belt test for 2nd degree. Passed. I was so stressed about it for a while because of the tournament.The breaks were the final thing that we did there. So the entire test I was worried about that. Made the rest of the test easy. I wasn’t worried about anything except for that. Then the board breaks came, and I was the only person to break all the boards on their first try. I’d say that this more than made up for the tournament. Wish my friends from TKD club saw it, but they’ll see it again soon enough.

Alright, so July 9th I started the first day of my job. My first job! I was kind of excited, and not at the same time. I wanted to enjoy my summer, but I know I needed the money and work experience. So I had to go. I started by working in a department called CS (Cleaning Services). It sucked. I spent 8 hours a day looking into a barrel to drain the little bit of water that was in each of them. Then I stacked the barrels to the side. We would average about 146 barrels a day. And that was essentially what I did every day for 2 weeks. But that wasn’t really the worst part. I had to wear this suit, so the dirt and stuff wouldn’t contaminate the chemicals. And these rubber boots. The boots were the worst. I couldn’t breathe in them at all. So wearing them for 8 and a half hours straight? My eczema was flaring up so badly I couldn’t take it. I was about to quit, but then they said that they were transferring me into another department.

This new department was called DV (Developer). I didn’t have to wear the bunny suit, so already it was better. I did more things. It was still all easy. It was much more enjoyable than CS by far. Partly because of the people I was working with. No one at this work place would I really consider a friend. They may be good co-workers, but I’d never see them oustside of work. CS people weren’t even my type of people. They were… men. It reminded me of the episode of IT Crowd, “Are we not men?” I’m a man, but I’m not that kind. I’m a geek, and proud of it. These guys are talking about sex and strip clubs.  When I transferred, they weren’t really geeks either, but they were closer to the point where I could have a more enjoyable conversation with them.

Alright, so…. continued work. Didn’t do much outisde work. It was all easy stuff, but by the time I got home I was just drained. That’s one reason I’m really glad to be done there. I did end up learing how to drive a forklift. The job became a lot more enjoyable when I was a full time forklift operator. But either way, I’m done now.

Not much has happened since then. I’ve just been enjoying being free. Talking to friends, playing games, etc etc. There was a day just a few days ago where my friends and I went gold panning. It was fun for a few hours, but I didn’t sleep well that night, so after those few hours, I was just drained and tired. Apparently when I get tired and just kinda stare off into space, I look really pissed. But yeah, it was fun, just not that day for me. Next time I go, I’ll be much more prepared.

PAX Prime is in a couple days. I’ll be going to that on Friday. It will get it’s own update. That’s the main reason I forced myself to do this one. So PAX will get it’s own page, and I’ll actually be up to date! Yay for no longer thinking about how neglected you guys are anymore! Not like many of you noticed, but whatever.


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