The Scourge of the Cavern

Alright, here is the story that I decided to spend today writing. I wanted to write all day, I ended up only working on it for about an hour. And I had three ideas of where to go with it and couldn’t really choose one. Eventually I got to the point where I couldn’t choose any of them. I may start writing this story again. I have ideas in my head and soon I shall let them escape in written form.


I wake up on the cold stone floor, no idea where I am. I blink and squint my eyes to try and see. No luck. The room is pitch black. The floor is damp. I try to stand up but I get dizzy and fall back to the ground. I rub the back of my head. Was I hit? I crawl to a wall. It isn’t brick, it’s not even flat. This wall is curved and made of a single stone. I’m not trapped in a room, I’m in a cave. Turning around I lay my back against the cold wall.

How’d I get here? This doesn’t make much sense, I can’t remember anything. My mind is a complete blank on everything. Not just the past few days, but I can’t remember anything at all. I hear something growl to my left. This is unfortunate.

I don’t need to remember anything to know I don’t want to go that way. I turn to my right and begin crawling against the wall. The growling grows louder so I try to move faster. I yelp of pain escapes from my mouth before I can stop it. Something is wrong with my ankle. I can’t afford to find out about what happened to me or where I am. All I know is that I need to get away from that growling.

Easier said than done I suppose. Dead end. I can’t turn any direction except for back, towards the growling. Something taps me on the head. I look up but with no success. Still too dark. I reach forward and grab a rope. Perfect! I grab the rope with both hands and begin to pull myself up.

This is a lot more difficult than I thought. I get about 10 feet up and I can hear the growling right below me. It is clawing at the rope. It knows I’m going up and wants me to come back down. I need to reach wherever this rope leads, but I am not strong enough to keep climbing. It is taking all my strength just to hold myself up. Thankfully whoever threw the rope down to me has figured this out. I feel the rope being pulled up and I start rising out of reach of the growling.

I see light above me. That’s where I’m being pulled to. My fingers feel like they are about to fall off, but still I cling to the rope for life. After some more time passes I reach the top and now I see the man who pulled me up. He has a very square face topped with dark brown hair. His skin is rather tan and he wears a light blue shirt with jeans. He reaches out a hand to help me to my feet. I nervously take it and try to stand.

Sure enough, I stumble down to my knees again. My ankle can’t support my weight. Without saying anything he helps me up again and he wraps my arm around him so he can carry the weight my ankle can’t. I look into his face and I can see his eyes much clearer than I could before. They are a deep blue-ish purple. I can’t seem to think of a good name for the color of his eyes.

He leads me to a brick house that is illuminated by torches. We enter and he lays me down on the bed. So this is the mystery man’s house. I open my mouth to thank him but nothing comes out. His brow furrows and he turns around and gets busy.

I lie on his red sheets and look around the room. The floors are made of a nice wood. How he got that so deep in this cavern is beyond me. Most of the walls have windows, but I fail to see why, there is nothing to see outside.

On the wall opposite the door there is a furnace. He has a fire going but it provides little light in comparison to the torches scattered along the walls. There is a workbench surrounded by chests where he sits now. There is a table next to the work bench with a few bottles of an odd liquid bubbling over a small fire.

I sit up and watch him take something from a chest, and grind it at his workbench. He goes to his brewing stand and pours the powder into a vial using a funnel. He slowly stirs the bottle before pouring the concoction into a small cup which he hands to me.

I feel like I should be cautious, I don’t know who he is or what it is he just handed me. I don’t know what kind of world I just awoke into. Is it survival of the fittest? Or could it just be survival. I decide that the best idea for me now is to trust the silent man. If he wanted me dead he would’ve left me down with the beast. I look at it. It seems to glisten in the torchlight. I drink the potion. It has a sweet melon taste. Instantly I feel my throat relax.

“Thank you,” I manage to say.

“It’s no problem,” he says smiling. “My name is Steve, what’s yours?”

I look at my drink and watch it glisten. “I can’t remember. I don’t remember anything before I woke up on the ground over there.” Steve laughs pleasantly. He explains that it is apparently normal for people to have memory loss when they first appear here.

When I ask where here is, he looks back at me and shrugs. “A cave? It’s odd that you appeared here though, most people appear stranded on a beach or a forest.”

So there are others…. But that doesn’t explain where we are or how we got here. All that it does tell me is that many people have gone missing and they seem to appear here.

“Steve… you said most people appear on the beach?”

“Generally, but not always. Why?”

“Does that mean you can take me to the surface?” I don’t know where I came from, but all I know is that I don’t feel safe in this cave. Hopefully when I arrive at the surface I’ll feel safer and know what to do.

“Sure. Rest up and we’ll go when you’re ready.” He smiles and goes to the door. “I’ll be right outside if you need me,” he says calmly as he exits his house. I take another sip of my drink and set it on the table beside the bed. I lay down again and lay my head on the pillow. I close my eyes hoping this will all just be a dream and I’ll wake up and no exactly where and who I am.


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