Spring term is here

Spring term of classes have started. I say that and we are almost thru with the first week. Yeah, I’m on time. I have no idea how this term will go. Now I’m just trying to get classes that I can survive with a bit of free time in. I want to just spend as much time writing as I can, which I simply think is fantastic as less than a month ago I wasn’t considering being an author because I wasn’t motivated enough to just sit down and write for hours on end. And now that is exactly what I want! I can now actually see myself being an author. The only problem is school is sucking up all of my time in such a way that makes it difficult for me to write when I want to. This Saturday I’m going to try and see what it’d be like if I did choose writing as a career. I’m going to wake up and work all day. I’ll treat it as a 9-5 job. See where I get. Anyone have any suggestions for what I should write?

So anyway, my classes this term seem potentially fun. Thankfully almost all of my classes I have a friend in. That just doesn’t seem to happen to me when I sign up for classes. I then always have to make new friends and then we then never talk when the term is over. Then I’m kind of depressed when I think about it, but I survive as I still have my close friends. That’s what truly matters in the long run. Not the friendly people you pass, but the friends you take with you.

Now, I don’t know where you guys are all from, but we’ve been having some really wacky weather here. Wackier than normal. Yesterday it was alternating between sunny and hailing all day. I left my house for Tai Chi and it was hailing. When I get there it is just raining. After class it’s sunny all the way to my theater class. I got a pleasant surprise when I arrived at that building. There was a flower bush and I saw a couple hummingbirds fluttering around it. I’ve seen them before, but never that close. I could see all the colors of its feathers, the blur of its wings. Beautiful birds they are. Easily one of my favorites. I don’t know what my favorite bird is though… what’s yours?

There were a couple things that I was wanting to post in this but I can’t seem to remember them at the moment. Oh well, what are you gonna do? I guess that’s just a reason for me to do another post again soon!


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