Emerald City and Hunger Games

Hey everyone! Sorry about the delay in posting this blog. I started typing it a few days ago and then my laptop died from some virus. I have yet to find out the problem, but it was probably it’s time anyway. I’ve had that laptop for 5 years now, and even when I first got received the laptop it was a year old. And over it’s life span of 6 years we have done very little in terms of upgrading. So, it was just time for it to go.

Anyway, what I was going to say was I spent this past weekend in Seattle with a friend of mine. We went up so we could go to Emerald City Comic Con on Saturday. That was a lot of fun, hopefully I can be a little bit more prepared for the next convention I go to. I didn’t even dress up! I saw many cosplayers though who had fantastic costumes. They obviously put a lot more time into it than I would have.

When I tell people I went, they always have to ask what I did there. I didn’t actually do a whole lot. I did go to Wil Wheaton’s Hour of Awesome. Ninety minutes of Wil Wheaton, but everyone knows that sixty minutes is just not enough for that man. I’m a major geek, so I enjoyed listening to everything he had to say. I’m very upset I didn’t get to meet him and get his autograph. When I first arrived his line was capped, and every time I went back it just got longer and longer.

He did mention that he has a new show coming out . It first aired today on youtube. It’s called Tabletop. It’s where he and some other celebrities gather around a table and play board games. Over the course of the show they will explain the basic rules and they’ll review it. All while having a good time and giving you an idea of what it’s actually like to play the game.

Of the celebrities I did get a chance to meet are Summer Glau, Eddie McClintock, and the Phelps twins. My friend got Eddie’s signature on her Warehouse 13 DVD, I just met him briefly. But he seemed to really enjoy sitting and talking with fans. A genuinely nice guy. I’m not saying that the others aren’t nice, they just have really long lines. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Summer all that much, but I still love that I got her autograph and actually got to talk to her, even if it was ever so short.

The Phelps twins (probably better known as Fred and George Weasley) had a very long line, as I expected. I stood in that line for over an hour. I probably would’ve ended up leaving and doing something else if it wasn’t for a girl I met in that line. She was right in front of me and was dressed as Sherlock from the new BBC series. She complimented my shirt and asked if I believe in Sherlock. I said yes and she handed me a small slip of paper that says “I believe in Sherlock Holmes” with a little chibi of him that she drew. It’s kind of adorable. I have it posted on my wall so I’ll see it while I’m writing.

We had a lot of shared interests, we even both enjoyed writing. When I told her that I liked writing but often lacked the motivation she really started encouraging me to write. I love her for that. A random stranger telling me to write. Friends and family always tell me to write more, but you know… it’s different. It is more like they are encouraging me as a friend instead of an author. I’ll take anything I can get, but it’s so much more personal since she doesn’t know me.

In the title you see that I am also want to talk about the Hunger Games. I started writing this post in the hotel room, we were planning on leaving first thing in the morning so it was just for one more night. I brought The Hunger Games with me on this trip. I was close to finishing it when we left and I was expecting to finish it Sunday moring before we leave. I finished it Saturday evening. And just so you know, I haven’t been as absorbed in a book like that since the last Harry Potter novel. I finished it and I was so angry that I didn’t have Catching Fire with me at that exact moment.

I have since bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay and have already continued reading the series.

I can’t wait to see the movie again. My mom and sister have seen it multiple times already. I saw the movie about a week ago, a few days before I started reading the books. I was wanting to wait until I read them, but they insisted. I liked the movie a lot, and when I was reading the book I see that they kept to it very well. But of course, I find the book better. Although the movie did a great job of getting everything that happened, so much of the book happens in her thoughts. Those don’t transfer to screen all that well. So in the movie you may have a hard time telling what she is thinking. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job playing Katniss, there are just so much that you can’t see. I plan on seeing the movie again, now with the knowledge of everything that happened in the book. I’m sure it’ll be a completely new experience.


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