She Dances

She glides across the floor,

Not allowing her feet to pause.

Gracefully, she stumbles.

Her breath gets heavier as she glistens.

It uses all of her strength to stand, and so

She dances.



A Community of Artists

I remember being surrounded by a community of artists,
And we all pushed each other to excellence.
Our motto, “We are Exceptional,”
Has been nearly forgotten
Since we have gone our separate ways.
Over the years we have grown, matured, changed.

Friends in the dark

The candle flickers in the darkness.

Light shudders in anticipation.

The shadows celebrate their new friends

As they teach furthur toward the door.


A Community of Artists



Alright. I know that I haven’t posted anything this entire school year. And for that, I am deeply sorry. I doubt I really have many readers that I will be apologizing to, but I am not really apologizing to them. I’m apologizing to me. I promised myself that I would be updating this blog at least semi-frequently. And this entire year, I could tell there was thing off. In not writing, I just didn’t feel right. So I will be counter-acting that now. More

My Day at PAX

Alright, so Daniel and I got tickets to PAX Prime a few months ago. They were already sold out of three day passes and we did what we could. So we got tickets for Friday (yesterday). We arrived in Seattle Thursday evening and just planned out our trip and enjoyed a small little vacation. It was also difficult because we were wanting to get to bed early so we could wake up and get to PAX as soon as we can. But of course we ended up socializing with my friend online till past midnight. It was worth though. More

Holy Delays Batman! I’m behind!

Yeah, so apparently I have neglected to update this since early May…. It is now late August. I haven’t put off posting because nothing interesting has happened, I have actually been very busy. For a while I didn’t have the free time to update. And then when I did I completely forgot. I’ll give a quick over view by month as a quick way to catch up.


The only thing I really remmeber about May is the Tae Kwon Do friendship tournament. Overall, I didn’t do too well. I was in two events, Board Breaking and Forms. My board breaks were terrible, I had so much trouble breaking them. I watched the video of my performance and talked to people about it. I know what I did wrong all of them. Next time will be better. My form was fine, the people I was competing against were just better that day and that is a loss I’ll gladly take.

Nothing else that interesting happened in the month of May. Still in school, preparing for finals… I’ll leave it be and get on to the more interesting months. More

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